The Reflection Of Educational Philosophy And Philosophy Of Education

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In schools or any educational institutions, there must be a set of beliefs about the teaching-learning transaction behind every educators. It is called educational philosophy. Basically, educational philosophy is related to what and how to teach students. A philosophy of education answers questions on what is the purpose of schooling, what is the teacher 's role, and what is the contents to be taught and also methods to be used in teaching and learning. Thus, it helps educators recognise the need to think and know clearly about what they are doing within the context of education as a societal institution or more broadly as the process of human existential growth. In other words, it is simply "to get people thinking about what they are doing.

The common understanding about philosophy of education is that all about aims, but what are the proper aims to be achieve through education? and also what are the criteria needed to evaluate educational efforts, practices, and products?. At present philosophers and educational theorists have proposed many aims of education with their own views and perspectives. The aims of education are include to produce knowledgeable citizens, enhance the understanding, encourage of moral thinking, feeling and action, develop growth and others.

Education is a dynamic process through which we acquire knowledge, skills and for the improvement towards civilized and socialized society. Hence, an investigation of education process is a need for all

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