The Reflection Of Insight: A Career In Technology

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Insight, as defined by online dictionaries, refers to seeing the underlying truth or understanding the true nature of something. This specific course has been essential in finding this insight, or truth, for myself about what major and career trajectories I plan on pursuing. In the midst of confusion about life while in the Kelley School of Business, I needed to take Y100 in order to devote specific time and resources to figuring out what I truly wanted to do. Luckily, I made the right decision. The most pivotal assignment I completed was the informational interview. And while I had a completed few before, I was able to speak to someone directly in the tech world. I listened as my interviewee used tech lingo and described what was important to do in college in order to pursue a career in tech. I picked up a lot just from how he spoke, not just the information at hand. I appreciated this assignment most because it pushed me to bring my research out of just the Internet, and into first-person experiences in the real world. This made a career in tech seem like real life. As well, my favorite lecture in Y100 thus far was the great explanation of front-end versus back-end careers. I had never even heard those terms used before, and to hear about career options and what they do in day-to-day life was essential in helping me to define exactly was I was looking for in a career. I had experience with front-end projects without even knowing it while taking a business presentations

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