The Reflection Of Literature

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This research will show about the literature periods which were divided by philosophical terms and explain what each periods will be like, why literature can relate with another aspects such as philosophy, the thing that really happen in the past like history, an abstract idea of politics, how it can reflect the society, why literature can increase the tourism rate in the countries that have places which related with the story in the literature and the truth that was hidden in the implication meaning in the literary works.
Keywords: Reflection of literature, Reflection, Literature, Literature periods, Literature and society, Literature and tourism, Literature and politics, Truth in literature
Hake (2001) said that literature is a subject which base on human life, experience and nature. He added that literature can deal with our life in both abstract and concrete way. He said that literature can present human experience in the concrete way, but in the abstract way, literature hide something in the story such as, history, morality, philosophy, implication and truth. According to Eldridge (2009), He used philosophical terms to divide the period of literature into five periods which are Realism, Romanticism, Idealism, Modernism and Post-colonialism. Literature can relate with any other aspects ; for example, the relationship between philosophy, the reflection of literature the society, morality, politics, and how literature promote and increase tourism
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