Memento: The Thriller Film

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Memento is a kind of movie that I have never seen before. The movie tells will be confused early on when they see this movie because Memento is presented as two different parts of scenes changing during the film: black and white scenes shown the scene in order and color scenes shown in reverse order. The two scenes meet at the end of the movie, as a cohesive narrative. The thriller film was directed by my favorite director Christopher Nolan who is a famous director who had success with Batman and The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005–2012), Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014) .Everyone who saw The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar will recognize Nolan’s style. Nolan usually makes enigmatical film in philosophical, sociological and…show more content…
Additionally, we feel the incredulity of Leonard when he tell stories of Sammy and wants to find the truth of the murderer who killed and raped his wife. A composer use piano, keyboard, violin and bass to makes sad sound, playing when Natalie and Leonard said about losing their beloved. But in the film doesn’t often use sound because they use silence and the actor to build feeling. The director uses the first person aspect to direct this film because it shows the situation Leonard facing. The director uses the clever technique to use color to distinguish the different scenes easily. He tries to present puzzles by panning the camera to the puzzle in order to make viewers think about it. Finally, Memento is the best movie for me because of the complicity of the acting by Guy Pearce who gives a very good performance of having amnesia. In one scene, you will see how he tries to find a pen to write a complicated note but in a few minutes he lost the memory, he acts like he really has Amnesia.In addition, I like the direction of Christopher Nolan. Although the story in the films rather simple, the narrative structure is very clever and complex, which demands constant attention from me. The reverse narrative structure of the color scene with its conclusion was revealed in the beginning of the
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