The Reflection Of Observation In The Classroom

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1. Give the name of the teacher, grade level, school and dated visited in your answers to these questions. Describe the assessments the teacher used to evaluate the effectiveness of his/her instruction? What assessments are used during a lesson and what assessments are used at the conclusion? The classroom I observed on November 5th, 2015 was Mrs. Anderson 1st grade classroom. My observation took place at Fairmount Elementary school. The assessments Mrs. Anderson used to evaluate the effectiveness of her instructions after they were given to the students was that, after she was doing presenting the instructions to the students she went and walked around the classroom to make sure that all of the students were doing what they were supposed to and be sure they were following the directions they were given. Most of the time, when the students were not following the instructions they were given it was their choice of action and Mrs. Anderson would ask them politely if that’s how they were supposed to be completing the assignment. The assessments that were used during a lesson was all the students sitting around Mrs. Anderson while she was explaining what needed to be done to complete the assignment they were next in line to do. Most of the time, Mrs. Anderson would explain what needed to be done then she would ask the students if they understood it or if she needed to explain it a little more. Once she was done explaining and the students were released on their own, in

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