Celta Assignment 2

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1. Give the name of the teacher, grade level, school and dated visited in your answers to these questions. Describe the assessments the teacher used to evaluate the effectiveness of his/her instruction? What assessments are used during a lesson and what assessments are used at the conclusion? The classroom I observed on November 5th, 2015 was Mrs. Anderson 1st grade classroom. My observation took place at Fairmount Elementary school. The assessments Mrs. Anderson used to evaluate the effectiveness of her instructions after they were given to the students was that, after she was doing presenting the instructions to the students she went and walked around the classroom to make sure that all of the students were doing what they were supposed…show more content…
World Class Standards is why district, state, and federal focus more on that because they know if they set their math and science skills to higher levels, then they will have higher scores at the competitive level.

3. Describe how the teacher is held accountable for the instructional progress made/or not made by students? To whom is the teacher directly accountable for student learning and how is this communicated to the teacher? What is the most important accountability issue the teacher faces and how are they responding to this professional responsibility?

Mrs. Anderson said she is held accountable in many different ways if a student is/isn’t making progress. She said typically at this age when students aren’t making progress on their work they usually start the testing phase. Where they test students for any kind of learning disabilities. They said typically with the students for being so young it’s hard to pin point what exactly it is why the student isn’t learning. Is it the teacher? Does the student just not care? Or are they too young and not realize they have a learning disability
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