Reflective Essay: The Role Of Poetry In The English Language

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Poetry is an English unit that improves literature knowledge, writing, and reading.
Poetry, although at times challenging, can be an enjoyable way to express yourself by breaking grammar rules, adding aesthetic elements, or by using it as a strong outlet for emotion. Through the years, poets like Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, and Adrienne Rich, have listened to others speak their minds and from those words and own feelings of bravery, pen their poems. As Maya Angelou said, “The idea is to write it so that people hear it, and it sides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” In my belief, poetry is essential. It teaches you about past important figures, types of metaphors, commas, dashes, and more. Sometimes you have to be pushed
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That its rhetorical rhythms and lyrical lines lack clarity and understanding when attempting to convey sense or meaning. It is often said that students must learn and understand the english language, not confuse that understanding with a complex form of English that poetry can be. The examples cited, are that grammar rules are sometimes broken in poems, confusing students and causing a poem’s true meaning to be hidden. I know this is true and admit to being guilty about it as when something becomes too hard and tricky as I have turn my back and…show more content…
Poetry can release a mixture of unhappy emotions and torture, and often a post can be affected by personal events from the past or current affairs of the world, or unfairness of life. Poets often delve into the darker side of human experience. These universal topics or experiences are not understood by students and the perspectives on a subject. Thus not helping them to understand themselves and feel so alone or isolated.
To conclude, I believe Poetry should be taught in school because it holds plenty of benefits to a student. As mentioned poetry improves knowledge of, writing, and reading and expresses creative emotional. Poetry includes many varieties and a student can captivate towards a particular type. It teach past events, and experiences to help shape a

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