Argumentative Essay: The Love Of God

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Since the major opposition is coming from the religious base I will approach matters from this perspective. For the religious the love of God is the most sacred topic of contemplation possible to humanity. It must be approached with the greatest reverence and worship of which the human brain is capable. Our terrestrial bounds are with us every day, and are clearly defined by human birth, a span of life perceived and lived in the flesh by the senses, till death supervenes. This contains our physicality, perceptions, and emotions, and we live in love and hate relationships, tarnished and sublime, within the confined human space. Love sustains but hate brings sadness. There is no escape available from this envelope, unless we can perceive and grasp God and His love and redemption, which provide us with an alternate destiny to death.

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The meaning of these qualities is inaccessible to us without the concept of God. These are absolutes in the Multiverse. We perceive infinity, perfection, and immortality as the characteristics of God. And so we grasp God. In the dynamics of desire and embrace we find that He is already grasping us tightly. This interaction called devekut in primitive Judaism is part and parcel of primitive Christianity, understood as sacred communion with God, usually expressed in meditation and prayer. Religion is a term too tarnished and too general to satisfy the inner longings of those who perceive and grasp God and feel God grasping them. Our yearning for a personal relationship with Him, the grasp and the embrace, transcends the formality of orthodox religion. In that inner personal relationship we find peace. This peace comes with the realization of redemption from sin and death, which God Himself provides. This love relationship has no equal. It provides a security, satisfaction, and bliss, known only by those who have
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