The Reflection Of The Arab And Muslim Character In Western Literature

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-colonialism is full of authors and topics. It has a perfect diversity in distinctive subjects which include the difference in historical events, religious activities and social interests. This term describes the colonial society in a literary way and it also describes the universal manners which took place the colonialism. The reflection of the Arab and Muslim character appears in the novels of post-colonial literature. However, the question is to what extent the theme of the Arab and Muslim character can be regarded by its authors whether the novelist is Arabic or British or American. 2.The reflection of The Arab Character In Western literature In the ancient times, Muslims and Arabs can be represented by the western literature during the early communication between them. Age after age, especially during the old Wars when the Arabs invaded Europe to get some states until the very days of the Third Millennium, the West publicizes nearly the same stereotypes for Arabs and Muslims. Whether the communication took place in the previous centuries or it happens lately, the West maintain a continuous conceptualization of the Arabs and Muslims as different characters an alien “Other” or rather “Enemy”, though both the means of communication and crediting terminologies have known some changes.(1) Edward Said once observed that the West publicizes a deep-seated hate for Islam: The term

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