The Reflection Of The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Birth Mark
My reaction about the story is that the story’s final message is very good and it tells about many things that are not clearly good or bad. Nathaniel Hawthorne tells about the scientist Aylmer who is also a philosopher and that is why he always believes on his philosophy. So he uses his scientific research about the things he wants to have. Although he is a very good scientist and philosopher but he does not like his wife Georgiana the way she is. Author’s writing way of telling about Georgiana was very good, but he must have given something about her character as well. I think the way he explains the spot on Georgiana was the best way to attract the readers because the reader gets some imagination in his mind. The birthmark seems good to many people but not for his husband. The author in this way wants to say that the thing that when some do not have a thing then he likes that but when we get those things, then we do not feel comfortable with them and we want some improvement. Aylmer is the philosopher and that is why he always thinks the things should be just perfect. I feel that the author must have kept this point in consideration while explaining his dislike about her mark.
In my opinion, the philosophers are always in a try to get the things to be in the truly natural way. The author thinks that a husband would always find something bad in her wife even if all others think that the woman is so beautiful. The way he
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