The Reflection Of The Renaissance During The Renaissance And Reformation

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Social Studies Renaissance/Reformation Essay
By David IreoluwaTomiwa Eshola Sherefumi Salako

The shift of knowledge and thoughts changed during the shift from the medieval times to the Renaissance. The transition from these two periods required Humanism, a philosophy that tries to balance religious faith with an emphasis on individual dignity and an interest in nature and human society. It made people question things and also become individuals, but how did this change society. The idea of questioning things through observation in the Renaissance led to developments in the arts, science and math, politics and also a decrease in the church 's power.

The idea of questioning beliefs and thoughts through observation changed society through the developments in arts such as literature, sculpting, and painting. Before the renaissance writing usually had spiritual, church related topics and was written in latin but because of Humanism and the idea of individualism and questioning, writing became more secular. Writers began writing in different languages and started using more individual styles and topics of their own choices. Well, known books written during the renaissance include The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes. In the arts such as painting and sculpting artist regained their interest in the facial expressions and movements that artist used in the classical period because of Humanism. Painters and sculptors then began making their
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