The Reflection Of Writing An Academic Narrative Essay

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The main aim of a narrative essay is to tell of a particular consequential experience within a specific time-frame. What’s more, the narrative essay discusses the gained insights or makes a point. It is habitually a story which has happened to the author of the essay or a person she/he knows. It has all the conventional story elements: a plot, recounted chronologically, characters, climax, and setting. This essay has a clear-cut structure, including an introduction with a thesis, main body, and conclusion with the author’s insight. As for the main body, its structure is different from the one we have discussed in Part 1: here you may have as many paragraphs as conditioned by the content. The main body usually incorporates the story setting (although it could be described in the introduction), climax, and ending. Each paragraph should ideally have a topic sentence, although that is not strictly mandatory. There are no arguments to support the topic sentence and the concluding sentence can be missing.
How to write an academic narrative essay? You begin with a pre-drafting stage. At this point you choose an experience worth recounting and clearly identify its importance. Consider what striking details might help the readers to reconstruct your experience. Using different techniques such as brainstorming, mind-mapping, free-writing, you set down your recollections of the event. Take your time; jot down as many notes as you can. If possible, spend a week on this stage.

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