The Reflection Of Writing Life Stories To The Elderly

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Different from other service learning course, Enhancing Biliteracy and Trilingualism Through Language Service is peculiar and meaningful as this subject provides a valuable opportunity to perceive a deep understanding of the whole life. This course allows us to write life stories to the elderly, which has significantly strengthened our social responsibility. The detailed reflection of the course will be illustrated in depth from the summary of our project, learning outcomes, achievements, difficulties and solutions and further suggestions perspectives in the following part. The summary of our project Since we need to write a life story and take a video for the elderly, the whole project involves three main parts: preparation, visit and interview the elderly and write the story or make the video. To ensure that the abundant information could be obtained by the whole interview, we made some meaningful preparations. Firstly, we conducted a discussion about the interview process and the questions that we need to ask. Based on the knowledge learned in the seminar, the interview can be arranged according to the chronological order. Thus, we divided the whole interview into five parts, which are the childhood memories, the immigration to Hong Kong, working in the tailoring factory, the family life, the elderly life. In addition, in view of the fact that the elderly may repeat some stories and forget something important, we prepared to ask some overlooked questions in funnel
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