The Reflection Of Writing

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Sometimes written words are the key to expressing our feelings, their complexness fills the void in conversation and they are the mean when your voice can’t be used for any particular reason. Words are an escape to communicate with others and our selves. It may be through poetry, compositions, or essays, a teacher’s best friend. As one of my teachers once quoted E.L. Doctorow saying, “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go on”. Seems to me that every educator I’ve had through high school has had a fixation with writing and it’s guidelines. Each one taught me a different aspect of writing: structure, grammar, and creativity. Most of our high school careers consisted of writing; a practice not enjoyed by many, and the vast majority blames the education system or the educators themselves. Nevertheless, I learned to savor it because I believe those four years of extensive essays and citations polished my writing skills and triggered an appreciation of it. The endless possibilities writing has to offer made me enjoy it even more. As I grew writing wasn’t just sitting down and spitting a cluster of words on paper, it was an outlet for thought and expression.
When it came to writing my English teachers didn’t hold back, they gave the extra mile so that students would actually enjoy the class and at least seem to be interested in the material. They would try finding books and readings that students would actually enjoy and incorporate them with
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