The Reflection Paper On The Sharkwater

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The Reflection Paper on the “Sharkwater”
The Sharkwater is a documentary created by Rob Stewart in 2006. The movie raises an important question about the survival of sharks, one of the most ancient creatures on the planet. It makes people look on these creatures from different point of view. I cannot say I treated sharks only like monstrous characters from films like Jaws or Sharknado before I saw this documentary. But it made to think more about the fate of these animals. Stewart demonstrated sharks are not mindless killing machines; they act like most big predators, who met with humans in their native environment. And these creatures suffer from humans’ actions more than people suffer from their attacks.
Sharks were presented as timid, smart creatures that did not have deliberate plans to attack people. Annual tolls because of sharks are much less than deaths resulted in meetings with crocodiles, tigers or elephants. Last two representatives of the huge terrestrial fauna kill around 100 people each year, while sharks have around five victims on their account. Meanwhile, tigers and elephants already had law protection, when the documentary was created, while sharks were treated as a source of valuable product (their fins) and a monster that should be killed before it would get an opportunity to attack. Numbers, mentioned by the film, created the impression the situation is totally unfair. As if officials today will forget about their efforts against the ivory black-market

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