Advantages And Disadvantage Of Refugees

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Currently Europe is suffering from a big problem, the influx of refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle Eastern countries have fled to Europe (BBC, 2015). These refugees flee from their countries in hope of creating a safe life, for themselves and their families. Democratic EU Nations are the ones doing a fair share, they provide food, first aid and shelters for them in an asylum center (BBC, 2015). This essay will be discussing the following statement “Only democratic states can solve global problems”. Furthermore, it will try to contradict the statement by giving examples of a global problem, which democratic states have been unable to solve. The issue that will be discussed in this paper whether democratic
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European countries are still suffering from the economic crisis, and still many Europeans are unemployed due to that. For a country to accept a “burden”, such as taking in refugees, affects the people in the country. This is due to the fact, that every country has its own traditions, norms, rules, judiciary, political systems, democracy etc. If refugees are unable to adapt to those, they are not welcome in that democratic state, and this is when problems occur. The following quote is that of the European commission’s president, explaining his belief with regard to the refugee issue. “Juncker said tackling the crisis was “a matter of humanity and human dignity. It is true that Europe cannot house all the misery in the world. But we have to put it into perspective” (Bajekal,…show more content…
Democratic states have failed at solving a global problem such as the refugee problem. As discussed in this paper, the solution that democratic states have to the refugee problem is only a temporary solution. Putting refugees into asylums is saving their lives, but it is not providing them with the means that a democratic country should. Limiting their opportunities at having equal rights such as other citizens of the country they flee to, is not what democracy stands for. In order to solve the issue of refugees, democratic countries should not only be taking them in, but should also be integrating them into the society of the country in a better way in order for them to be enjoying the same democratic rights as others of that
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