The Refugee Crisis

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OPINION ESSAY The refugee’s topic is not something new. However, the refugee crisis we are suffering today has a long story behind. It all began 1916, after the First World War, when Great Britain gave some lands it had conquered in Palestine to the Jewish so that they could create their own county. The Palestinians, who were mainly Muslims, did not really liked to have Jewish in their lands and finally war began. Until today, nor Europe neither any other country has put an end to that conflict even if they tried long ago but they ended giving up. Therefore, many civil populations have had to run away from their homes to escape from war, many of them ended up in overcrowded camps in neighbouring countries. Seeing horrible future for their families…show more content…
In the case of Hungary, it has built a fence along the border with Servia to prevent refugees to come in and shut down the train service to Germany so that refugees can’t continue their way. To my consideration this is something cruel, if those people are running from their countries is because they didn’t have any other choice and they are treating them as if they were criminals, and not poor people who is coming here running away from war. According to the Czech Prime Minister his county is willing to provide "financial, technological, human or material aid" to the refugees, but it is known that the country has detained some refugees without any reason. To my eyes, this is a really hypocrite country, they apparently seem to be helpful but then you realise they are not. Moreover, according to the a poll made in Czech 94 per cent population are convinced that the European Union should be deporting all refugees and close the borders so that they can’t come in. I consider this result really cruel, but I do understand the fact that it’s a great effort to asylum so many people and even more now that we are in an economic crisis, but if they have get to the point of having to leave their homes is because we didn’t make anything to solve the real…show more content…
In this situation we have Rome, France, UK and Germany. They all will accept a certain number of refugees, but every country has set up his conditions and restrictions. Rome is willing to take in a total of 1,785 refugees, while European Commission pretends them to accept 4,646. France has announced that they will embrace 24.000 refugees, a number that according to many European countries is not enough. In the UK James Cameron considers that his county has “a moral responsibility” to welcome the Syrian refugees, therefore, he has announced that they will accept 20.000 but just for a period of 5 year. Which in my opinion is a really short period of time, because after those years what will happen to all those refugees who won’t probably be able to go home again? I don’t really support or share Cameron’s government’s decisions, because they do not gave certainty and safety to those refugees in a long term. Germany has shown a great leadership and kindness in this situation, after announcing that they will embrace 800.000
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