The Regulator Movement

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The village of Paxton was located in eastern Pennsylvania. Paxton became a place of political and racial unrest during Pontiac’s Rebellion. Paxton was still part of the frontier until the 1760’s and was populated by Scots-Irish. They requested soldiers and weapons because of their vulnerability to attack. Their request was ignored because of the legislators who were Quakers. Many Quakers were pacifists. Eventually, a group of Paxton people took the matters into their own hands and raided an Indian settlement. The Paxton people were mistaken in their attack because the Conestogas had lived in peace with their neighbors. In total six Indians were killed and fourteen were captured and killed in later weeks. The Regulator Movement involved two groups, a group in South Carolina and another in North Carolina. In South Carolina the movement was organized by backwoods settlers who wanted to affect governmental changes. The…show more content…
The movement led by small farmers that protested the corruption of their court and police officials. An assembly was held to recall the officers and it failed. After this failure the people of the movement started only paying federal taxes and fees. Regulators resorted to violence when the courts failed to come to an agreement with them. The Governor, William Tryon commanded his militia to fight and both sides met in the battle of Alamance Creek. The militia won and all seven of the movement's leaders were executed. The movement collapsed shortly after. Between the years 1786 and 1787 a number of protests were started by American farmers. The farmers were protesting law enforcement in states from South Carolina to New Hampshire. These protests were named “Shay’s Rebellion”. Many different causes made the protest in Massachusetts the most violent. Depression, bad harvests, and high taxes made it difficult for farmers to make a living. Shay’s Rebellion was named after the leader of the movement Daniel
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