Reaction Paper About Depression And Suicide

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Although depression and suicide can be triggered by sociological factors, psychological factors, and biological factors, environmental factors like air pollution is also a trigger ("Depression Looms over Jakarta 's Youth.", n.p.). Depression is a mental health condition in which someone feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and is often unable to live in a normal lifestyle (“Merriam Webster”, n.p.). According to the World Health Organization, depression is the disease that steals most adult’s productive life "(Treating Depression for Indonesia 's (and the World 's) Victims of War and Disaster | Jakarta Globe.", n.p.). Meanwhile, suicide is the action of taking one’s life intentionally. These two can relate to each other because the majority…show more content…
It is obvious as someone who lives in Jakarta that the air pollution here is horrible. There are around 50,000 suicides in Jakarta per year ("Indonesian Haze: Why It 's Everyone 's Problem.", n.p.). Research found out that Indonesians commit suicide mostly due to social and economic pressures. Research also found that depression and the feeling of hopelessness caused most of these suicides. . I feel like this is something to worry about for us. This further supports our statement that air pollution can affect depression and suicide. Air pollution can not only affect countries negatively, but also individual…show more content…
This is an example of how air pollution can affect depression because my friend lived in Indonesia. And as stated before, Indonesia’s air pollution is horrid. This air pollution has affected her depression ("Depression and Suicide." Telephone interview. 3 May 2016.). However, luckily, she was able to overcome her battle. I feel very sorry that she is feeling this way and I feel slightly negative and sad after hearing this. If all these things keep on happening, there will be negative and positive scenarios that might occur in the

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