The Relationship Between Disney And Disney

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The Walt Disney company does not only have an immense amount of economic power on the American entertainment industry and popular culture, but they have acquired influence across the world. The company has recorded that one quarter of the 45 billion dollars Disney makes annually comes for the international market (Hongmei). It can be said that Disney is one of the best-known companies or brands in the worlds and covers a wide range of markets from films to television programs, to merchandise and publishing not to mention the theme parks. However, the inspiration to expand globally does not completely rest on income and to promote capitalism within the company. In some circumstances the marketing decision is more political than economical. A good example of this is the interaction and relationship between Disney and the Chinese government. The relationship began in the post-Cold War era when Disney produced films reflecting the Chinese way of life, like Kundun and Mulan (Hongmei). Both of those films served as a political compromise and a marketing opportunity for Disney to gain a foot hold in the Chinese market. While the initial intent was to resolve the political differences, the negotiations and conflicts soon shifted to an economic opportunity. I find this interaction to be strange, Disney is interacting with post-socialist China on political and economic grounds. That means a global corporation, that began in and reflects the United States is negotiating with a nation
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