The Relationship Between Education And Culture

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At the period of social, political and cultural variation, one important issue is how to investigate the relation between education and culture. Education is a unique social institution, which designed to develop the abilities of the individual and to create socially important ideals that could construct the future of society. Educational system meets the people’s needs in getting knowledge throughout life as well as meet the need of society in the social adaptation of young people to use their skills for the development of the economy. Education has diverse nature, for example, it can be the child 's home learning to read as well as self development reading books and traveling. However, its most essential component is the social institution created by the educational system and different schools.
Moreover, education is connected with the culture in varying degrees, since it is an important part. Conception of the relation between culture and education is all the more topical in recent years, because the traditional ascription of education to the charge of each respective country’s culture tends to undergo radical changes at the present days. The progressive loss of significance of national states, which is associated with the process of unification and globalization, is creating new challenges for the different cultures and education systems embodied in their people. However, the education system still performs the task of anchoring the young generations within the
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