The Relationship Between Fashion And Fashion

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1.1 Introduction
Classification of art and fashion has been a source of controversy between scholars. The meaning of the terms fashion and art are common subjects that have been a source of controversy among scholars and designers. According to Rinaldi (2014), the controversy has been as to whether classify fashion as an art or not. The purpose of this dissertation is to establish the relationship between fashion and art. Rinaldi (2014) noted that opinions and arguments presented by scholars agree and some do not. As a result, controversy begins.

To evaluate various works by artists and designs and define them as an art or not is the main reason for this research. Clothing has a long history, and so is art. Art and clothing have significantly
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How did fashion and art develop to become sophisticated?
What are the similarities between fashion and art?
How do fashion and art differ?
Looking at Delaunay Sonia as a case study, how did artists affect fashion and art industry?
1.6 Research hypotheses
Research presented in this paper will seek to prove the following:
If fashion is art, designers could have never existed but would be referred to as artists
If fashion is art, design could not involve scientific methods of coming up with new designs.
If fashion is art, designs could not be seeking to satisfy the demands set by the customers.
If fashion is art, new designs could not be involving models for presentation as art has self-expression.
1.7 The relevance of the study
The study of this topic should help stakeholders in fashion and art industry. Most people in this field have little or no knowledge on the history of fashion and art. The study will also help in solving controversy that has been in existence between scholars as to whether to classify fashion as art or not. The paper presents undoubted strong arguments whether to classify fashion as an
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Several authors have tried to solve this controversy, but other authors come up with strong arguments that challenge them. Despite all these, this paper will try to clear all the confusion that existed before and answer the question “is fashion art?”. The research also will significantly help stakeholders as the study will look into the problems facing the industry.

Business people will also be able to predict the future of their businesses better. According to Easy (2009), fashion and art industry was worth USD 2560 trillion by 2008. The industry has also employed a lot of people and therefore solving controversy in this industry is worthwhile
1.8 Structure of the dissertation
The research of this paper will happen as follows; first, look out for resources, reading documented analysis that include the case studies and literature. The research type and data reading will be in an empirical and systematic manner. After the first step of finding sources on fashion and art subjects since their origin, the next step will involve the analysis of existing works concerning the

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