Montana 1948 Character Analysis

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In the story of Montana 1948 there was a lot of chaos happening around the Hayden family David was never close to his father to begin with, his father was always busy with work. Wes wasn 't David 's ideal type and when it came to making promises, Wes never kept them. His uncle Frank was more of a father to him than his own, they both actually did things together and Frank always seemed interested in what David was doing. Most of the time David felt sorry for his father and what he has to deal with. The relationship between father and son changes throughout the years over family situation.
David didn 't expect his Father to be the person he is right now, he expected him to be different especially when it came to his career. "My father didn
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"I suddenly felt sorry for my father- not as he stood before me at the moment, but as a boy"(David,115). Wes didn’t have a close relationship with his father and that lead to Wes not knowing how to get close to his son. If Wes didn’t know how a relationship was supposed to be with a father and a son how would he be able to provide that for his son. Wes does love and care for his son but they both don’t have a close connection with one another. David knew his father would always try his best when he could. Although David felt sorry for his father also because of all the stress he hard to burden from the family and its situation, as a father, brother, son, husband and a sheriff.
This story draws a lot of emotion for a reader when a father and a son relationship starts to distance its self-due to family situations. A story that has a child 's mind wondering what his father has to go through and the situations he needs to handle makes him confused and worried. The novel Montana 1948 written by Larry Watson is well recommended for young teen and adults who like to read about family conflict and the a family whose name has control and power. Having a bit of mystery, deaths and shocking surprised this book has a great
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