The Relationship Between Fear And Risk-Taking In Horror Movies By Stephen King

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Risk taking is a beautiful thing. Some people love risk-taking and some of them do not because they are afraid. In fact, there is a lot of scholars wrote about fear and risk-taking and they explain the relationship between fear and risk-taking and how fear and risk-taking shape us as individuals and as a society. In my point of view, I agree with the idea that fear cannot only be beneficial, but important to our individual and social development because it help our children and it help us in the future. According to the Stephen King one of the best American writer of horror fiction, horror movies can create a great valuable purpose. In Stephen King essay, he explain that we need/crave to view a horror movies for two basic reason. First, we need to see the horror movies to achieve a certain psychological need. Also, we need to see horror movies to get fun and to find an entertainment purpose “and we have to get fun”(Kind’s 346). in fact; for the people who they don’t like to see a horror movies and they afraid of horror movies they need risk-taking too see what actually is so fun about seeing someone eaten by zombies, getting their head chopped off, or seeing someone his face is distorted. However, I fail to see the entertainment purpose in horror movies and I think they just made a horror movies to see our friends and family reaction, and to scaring people. In King’s essay, he even goes so far as to state that a potential lyncher exists in almost all of us.

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