The Relationship Between Homeland Security And Civil Liberties

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Balancing the desire for domestic security against the protection of civil liberties can be a composite process. The United States has experienced several historical periods in which countermeasures were implemented to thwart perceived threat to domestic security. The attacks of 11 September 2001 formed a new paradigm for domestic security in the United States. The struggle against terrorism, particularly catastrophic terrorism, became the government’s most vital priority. In the wake of these attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was established, with wider powers of enforcement, set forth in new legislation such as the Patriot Act. The September 11th attack forced governments all over the world to take extra ordinary measures to develop the security of their citizens.…show more content…
This is because of homeland security measures of US government. The homeland security is the term originated within the context of the September 11, 2001, attacks and resultant American policy adaptations; the fundamental concept has been periodically applied to during historical periods of national security and political crises. But the measures taken in the name of security were seriously challenging the basic civil liberties of citizens. Department of Homeland Security mandate largely overlooked by the press and it requires the FBI, CIA, state, and local governments to share intelligence reports with the department upon command, without

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