How Does Climate Change Affect Society

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The debate surrounding climate change as an urgent issue that is a threat to global security has gained momentum over the last decade. The Stern Review in 2007 brought out the reality that is associated with the extent to which climate change can impact our society. In economic terms, climate change is nothing but a classic example of a market failure, a negative externality. The development around the globe has come with the cost that is climate change. The harmful effects of industrialisation on the environment will have to be paid for by the present and future generations alike. Inequality is a much-discussed phenomenon in most international forums today. Capital growth around the world has led to the generation of arbitrary and unsustainable inequalities , leading to the dominance of the Global North over the South. The review highlighted an important relation between inequality and climate change. It stated that the poorest countries and societies, the ones with the least available resources…show more content…
Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern addressing the Graduate Centre in New York on the subject “Climate Change and Inequality” stressed over this fact . They identified the importance of getting our cities right to fight climate change. Cities accommodate dense populations and public transportation systems are just one way to reduce emissions through reduction in vehicles on the road. Expansion of renewable sources of energy within cities is another method that can help reduce emissions and reduce impacts of climate change. It a policy necessity to look at cities as an opportunity to fight climate change rather than be a cause behind it. In the developing countries where cities are still on the rise, correct policies can help in the growth of clean-green cities with minimum urban poverty, which shall minimise the effects of climate change by reducing the number of the vulnerable
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