The Relationship Between Jem And Scout In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In this essay i will investigate and determine the changes Jem and Scout takes during the course of the novel and also find the areas where they remain the same. By referring to the texts, firstly i will prove the changes occurred to the sibling apart from physical features and secondly state the remaining factors of the sibling. According to my research, the book ‘’To kill a Mocking Bird’’ is a novel written by Harper lee, and its background is set in the 1930’s. It is about a typical regular family in a small tiny country town in Alabama, the Maycomb city. In this period of time Maycomb suffered through the ‘’Great Depression’’ (Economically in difficult), but Scout & Jem’s dad Atticus, was a prominent lawyer who had a solid reasonable salary to hold his family economically. The novel’s storyline follows the significant incidents that occurred to Jem’s & Scout’s childhood. Scout’s voice is the narrator of the book, and the expressions used to describe numerous situations in the book may have been interpreted in Scout’s perspective. In this novel, Jem starts his age of nine in the beginning of the story as a young boy and his sister Scout starts five turning six. Obviously referring to the text, the sibling consisted tight strong relationships through playing role games with Jem’s friend Dill, and explored areas where curiosities drove them. Jem took his position as a big brother securing Scout, repelling her away from any dangerous situations that may harm her. Jem’s
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