The Relationship Between Language And Sociolinguistics

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Most of the investigations about language are concerned with form and structure of sentences but some scholars pay attention to the context and society in which a sentence is produced. They believed that each utterance or word shows speaker’s values and culture. They also said that Utterances represent the situation in which they are expressed and they show speaker’s relationship with his addressee. These linguists emphasized on relationship between language and society. So they established sociolinguistics in 1960s.
1-1 Definition of Sociolinguistic
Social aspects of language in modern period were first studied by Indian and Japanese linguists in 1930s but none received much attention in the West until much later. Sociolinguistics as a major was established in 1960s by William Labav. From that time on many different definitions were proposed for sociolinguistic, these definitions paid more attention on society, linguistic or both.
Sociolinguistics is a branch of linguistics that is concerned with how people use language to create and express identities, relate to one another in groups, and seek to resist, protect or increase various kinds of power (Wardhaugh, 2005). Some sociolinguists concern the relationship between sociology and linguistics. Gumperz (1971) has observed that sociolinguistics is an attempt to find correlations between social structure and linguistic structure and to observe any changes that occur (Wardhaugh, 2005). Holmes (1992, p. 22) says that

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