The Relationship Between Man And Nature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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A REVIEW OF LITERATURE Man and nature, although completely different, have much in common. This commonality is easily explained by humanity's origin, nature itself. This connection, over the years, has grown distant to a large part of the human population. This ignorance by many has caused great harm to both the human population and the environment surrounding them. With regard to this problem, an investigation into literature to realize the previous historical notation of the relationship between man and nature is necessary. Many highly revered novels highlight the connection between man and their environment. One of such important literary classics, Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley in 1823, is an important example of this kind of connection between humanity and their surroundings. The main character of the storyline, the monster, is used to represent humanity and the connection between man and his/her surroundings. Shelley uses…show more content…
She uses the monster as a vessel for thought again, emphasizing the beauty of nature. The monster’s encounter with “gentle light [that] stole over the heavens” and its “sensation of pleasure” that came from this initial exposure to the moon (Shelley 11). The monster’s exposure to the moon has shown the intimate connection between nature and this connection between nature has shown us the humanity in the monster. The monster also states his “delight when [he] first discovered that i discovered a pleasant sound” when finding the sweet sound of a bird singing in the forest, yet another sign of the positive connection between nature that Shelley chooses to use between the monster, a representation of humanity, and nature itself. The monster is connected to nature, the monster is connected to the environment, and the monster is the representation of this
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