The Relationship Between Media And Technology

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Media and technology have evolved hand in hand from decade to decade, and together they have created an informational environment. If information is so accessible, than, in theory, the average level of knowledge will raise. However, it is just as plausible that this will lead to a society in which nothing is retained at all, and a general lack of understanding will plague society. As we give media and technology more power, the less we allow ourselves to be able to decipher fact from fiction. If we no longer process our own information, but rather rely solely on media, we will take things as fact without ever questioning its validity. How do we know that the answers we are being fed are the best, if we no longer have our individual bodies of knowledge as judgement?
The relationship between media and technology is actively and rapidly taking over the lives of people all over the world. This environment of totally access has fostered the creation of passive learning. Most people “learn” through what they encounter, and therefore exercise little control over the specific information that they rely on or retain.
In his detailed article “Passive Learning: When the Media Environment is the Message,” author Cliff Zukin argues the negative effects of passivity; “if people learn through simple exposure, and if everyone is exposed, there is no base from which to judge the extent of learning, or the contribution made by the mass media.” Passive learning has flourished, and is

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