The Relationship Between Music And Anxiety

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Music is a rhythmic mix of notes and silence that is put together to be heard in harmony. Anxiety is a mental illness in which a person has excessive feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety strong enough that it controls their daily life. Music can be used as a temporary treatment for anxiety as a way to distract the person 's focus from what causing their anxiety to stir up. I believe in music as a anxiety treatment. My 7th grade year is when everything broke loose in my life, my parents split and the hurtful choice of what parent did I love more. I was forced to move with my mom into my aunt 's then to Battle Creek, Michigan. My anxiety had made its presences known on my first day of school,hundreds of new peers and it was a rough start with stares from everywhere. I shakily kept my headphones in the longest I could putting music on to try and distract myself before I gained more stares by crying. I kept my eyes on my desk keeping my mind focused on the tempo and counting them. It seemed pointless but it got me to relax to an extent and even make a friend.…show more content…
( Music brings out a relaxed state for people, along with provoke their emotions. ( People who use music therapy tend to have a higher immune system function. Studies show that people that suffer from mental illness, like anxiety and depression, can suppress their symptoms of the disorders. People can also tend to make an anxiety block, in which music 's role in it is a therapist role in a quiet more welcoming manner.
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