The Relationship Between Personal Knowledge And Shared Knowledge

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Personal knowledge is the knowledge of an individual person, which is learned or get through experiences, practices and real life examples. For example Tom is a mechanic, he repairs cars every day and he has some special skills which can help him fix the car in a faster way, but no one but Tom knows this, so it is a personal experience; a child who don’t know if he heat an egg into a microwave oven, the egg will explode, after he put the egg and heat it up and it exploded, he learns that he cannot heat an egg with a microwave oven, it’s a life experience. Shared knowledge is the knowledge that structured, produced by more than one person. Chemistry is a subject that all of its knowledge is shared. There are many ways to access and discover…show more content…
The first one link to the area of knowledge of an individual, personal knowledge (I know because…); and ‘we know’ refers to the knowledge belongs to a couple of people, shared knowledge (we know because…). Obviously, there are intersects and relations between personal knowledge and shared knowledge. Think about the scientist Isaac Newton who has a great influence on the area of physics. Of course he is smart and have some visions about how things work. But he also have some personal knowledge, the way he observe things, and the three laws of him gave a boost to the modern physics. Also he published his ideas which make them became some shared knowledge. This tells how personal knowledge give advantages in shared knowledge. The reverse can also occur. Shared knowledge can have a big effect on our personal point of view. For example, a scientist who have a great idea about changing the way of transportation, but the only step between theory and realistic is not proven by someone before, and suddenly a scientist published a theory(shared knowledge) which is what they need, and that guy’s idea(personal knowledge) is changed by the shared
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