The Relationship Between Poverty And Crime

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Have you ever wondered how criminals rob a bank, or kill without remorse or think about the results of what they have done? Actually, the difference in the answer is largely based on the money owned at the time of the question and the means a person thinks of as legal or illegal way to get money. Moreover, poverty and crime rates are correlated; however, it is not always clear how closely they are interconnected.

The concept of poverty is very common, and for many people it may be ambiguous. According to dictionaries , poverty comes from the word (poor) , and it is "The state of being extremely poor"[6] , or " The condition of being extremely poor" [7]. To demonstrate the definition of poverty in more specific details, we have to look at it from the business perspective. In fact, it is attached to the general meaning because poverty is related to lack of money, and business discusses that phenomenon to adapt the control of poverty. As the first definition, poverty is the inability
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There is a study from Madagascar that shows the relation. For instance, the link between poverty and thefts, thefts occur because of poverty. A study illustrated this connection, its "Results indicate that reported increases in one type of crime—crop theft ــــare systematically related to increases in transitory poverty"[1]. This mischief happens, because people that lives under the shadows of poverty are exposed to the thoughts of stealing something since they need it. Furthermore, it looks attractive and easier for them. To allocate the relationship, developing countries and developed countries have to be understood. Developing countries are countries that are under the process of development; In contrast, there are developed countries. Developed countries are countries which are economically powerful. In developed countries, there is less crime rates due to less poverty
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