The Relationship Between Poverty And Disability

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In society, there is often a considerable gap in the accessibility of resources between the disabled and non-disabled. This unequal accessibility results in disabled individuals being stuck in a cycle of poverty. In this essay, I will give a general description of the definitions of poverty. I will then describe the three perspectives of disability as well as look at the relationship between poverty and disability. I will also use my visit to Mitchel’s Plain to elaborate more on my understanding of poverty and disability. Finally, I will reflect on this essay task to assess my development as an emerging intergraded health professional. WHAT IS POVERTY
Poverty is a phenomenon that has many dimensions; it cannot be described only in terms of lack of money. Poverty can either be absolute or relative. Absolute poverty refers to a prolonged deficit in some human basic needs that the person’s life becomes endangered (Poverties org, 2011). For a person to be classed as being absolutely poor they would have to meet a certain criteria, for example, the World Bank uses a monetary method to classify a person as being poor or not. If a person spends less than $1 per day they would fall below the poverty line for international comparison, then they would be classified as being absolutely poor by

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