The Relationship Between Proctor And Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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In the play, act one describes the relationship between Abigail Williams and John Proctor creating the quality of arrogance. Before the play begins, Abigail and Proctor have an affair; however, feeling guilty, Proctor decides to end the affair in order to focus on his marriage with Elizabeth. Now in a room alone with Abigail, Proctor stands over Betty, Paris’ daughter who cannot wake from her sleep. Abigail walks over to Proctor and leans over him to admire his strength. As soon as she complements him, he gives a small grin. Proctor then ask what has happened to Betty because he has heard a small rumor about witchcraft lurking in the town. Abigail, moving closer to Proctor, states how she and a few other girls were dancing in the woods before they were…show more content…
Proctor then states that there was never a relationship to begin with and she should let go of her hopes. Abigail yells in tears at Proctor stating that he has loved her and convinced her that they were in love. She also states that it is impossible to give up her love for him and that she will accept Proctor no matter what sin he commits. This scene from The Crucible reveals how the characters judge one another by their past relationships and interactions to bring out the quality of arrogance. In the beginning of the scene, Abigail moves closer and compliments Proctor because she has a desire to be with him. She also does this to deceive Proctor into having emotions for her. Abigail believes that Proctor still loves her even though they have not seen one another in eight months. Even though Proctor smiles at Abigail’s actions, he is infuriated when she ask him to be with her again. Proctor has told her that their affair is over and is frustrated at Abigail every time she attempts to continue their partnership. Abigail cannot handle herself when Proctor says that they cannot have a
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