The Relationship Between Prometheus And Frankenstein

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“Whenever the creation order is inverted, there is disorder, destruction, and death. When we tamper with this order, even a little, we become life-takers rather than life-givers”(J. Ligon Duncan III ). This quote plays a large part in the overall literature that is Frankenstein; it pulls together the attributes of the story in a way I haven’t seen before. This essay will be focusing on the relationship between the gothic novel of Frankenstein, and the greek myth of Prometheus. It will be a compare and contrast of the dueling stories. I hope to leave the reader with a deeper sense of understanding on how literature can inspire the future generations in ways we don 't yet know.
It was written in Greek mythology that, the titan Prometheus was a wise craftsman who taught humans many useful skills, including ‘navigation, writing, and architecture’.Prometheus, created humans by shaping clay into figures that looked like the gods. The gods admired these figures and ‘breathed life’ into them. Zeus disliked the ‘creatures’, but ‘he could not destroy them’. He did, however, force them to the live on earth and denied them immortality.Prometheus felt sorry for humans, so when given the task of presenting offerings to the gods, he decided to manipulate the situation.He decided to trick Zeus into taking the lesser offering, saving the best for the humans. By doing this, Prometheus ensured that humans got the better end of the deal. Angered by this trick, Zeus punished humans by
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