The Relationship In Fielding's Friendship Between Aziz And Fielding

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The friendship between Aziz and Fielding is based on Indian and Englishmen being equals. Still, the friendship between the local Indian and the Englishman fail to tie the Anglo-Indian union. In a colony, there are no friendships on an equal basis. This issue is discussed on a personal level, through the relationship between Fielding and Aziz. Aziz is against the British at the beginning; however, he begins to alter his opinion after meeting Mrs. Moore in the mosque. This is the beginning of the possibility of a friendship with Fielding. If the British and the Indians treated one another as Aziz and Fielding did, then it would be possible for members of the two nations to be friends. The latter part of the book shows that this integration is not possible. Maybe no member of an occupied race can really be friends with a member of the master race. As long as the colonialists rule the colonised, they will always resent one another.
The last conversation in the book is between Fielding and Aziz and takes place on their last ride at the Mau jungles (Forster 1979: 314). They are friends once again, yet they have to bear in mind that they will no longer meet. All the misunderstandings have been sorted out between them and yet they can no longer socialise. The cultural and racial differences, and personal misunderstandings, separate them. Also, once married to an English lady, Fielding will withdraw into the English way of thinking, like all the rest before him. He will no longer be

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