The Relationship Of Hats In The 19th Century

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Hats are now worn for many reasons: cold? Wear a stalking. Crazy hair day? Throw on a baseball cap. Need a cute accessory? Hat it is! But did you ever think that hats could actually define who you are? Well hats in certain areas in the 19th century sure did. We can’t necessarily assume that hats today are too different from the past. For instance, specific baseball hats could represent a community. This is because the logo on the hat shows what team you support. However, in the 19th century, hats defined a different sort of community. Although the time era has changed, wearing this article of clothing has not changed too much. Most hats may propose a way of communication. What differs is the communication and purpose of the hats. Meaning the audience the hat attracts is also different. In the 19th century, hats posed more of an impact to how and who people thought you were. The relationship of hats in England in the 19th century appealed more to a male adult community, where as of now, it is more acceptable to wear whatever hat you want, no matter who or what you are. For example, people today may be able to tell you are a Cardinals fan if you are wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat. You can be a child, middle aged adult, or an elder wearing this type of hat. But by representing and wearing that hat does not necessarily mean you are wealthy, or representing your ethnic group or believes. People then believed hats should represent something much more than just a

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