The Relationship Of The Unotic Safie In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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becomes totally unlike her female compatriots and as totally unfitted to "harem" life and its "puerile amusements." (Lew 281). the arrival of the exotic Safie changes the physical and emotional milieu of the cottage as her presence inspires happiness and her wealth provides material comfort". The novel seems to suggest that this relationship between the European Man and the Oriental Woman can be stable, happy, and Fruitful. Yet one wonders about easily Felix accepts a parasitic relationship, living off Safie´s stolen wealth (Lew 279)
Safie does not visit the De Lacey family empty handed "taking with her some jewels that belonged to her, and a small sum of money, she quitted Italy “(Shelley 131). She receives an outstanding welcome from the cottagers "Agatha, the ever-gentle Agatha, kissed the hands of the lovely stranger" (Shelley 122) Agatha kisses the hand of the stranger as a sign of respect and recognition. Nevertheless, Frankenstein deliberately symbolizes Felix as the Western Man who is has an excessive desire in the Oriental presence and material wealth and Safie as the Oriental Woman who provides comfort in her presence and material wealth to the Western Man. Said claims that the Orient is not merely "adjacent to Europe" but it signifies also the main source of the material wealth of Europe" (Said 1)
Lew states that Safie is depicted by the creature as "unequivocally Oriental: Arabian and presumably Islamic" she unpredictably appears into the center of the text and

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