The Religious Conversions And Its Impact On Religion And Religion

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The religious conversion means “marks a transformation of religious identity and is symbolized by special ritual’’ .People convert to a different religion for various reason such as parent converting to enable child to admitted to be good school associated with religion, when people marry one spouse may convert to the religion of other etc.
Here we want to know that what is the role of freedom of religion into conversion, does it means free from conversion, free to conversion or we can practice our religion and also know impact of economics and political on religion of conversion.
The religion and economics are great forming agency that shape the conduct of human affairs and the organisation of human society is largely undisputed. What is in dispute is their relationship to one other. And how the religion and economics are related is to subject of human perception and action
The current explanations suggest that the causefor the conflict is not to be located in the issue of conversion itself, but in some hidden agenda of the dominant Hindu communit y .
Some say that caste Hindus fear they will lose their grip on Indian society high if more and more members the lower castesare converted of away fromHinduism[e g, Vyas 2002] Other suggest that the attack on Christian conversion is merely a convenient pretext of the to
Sangh parivar supportits agenda of Hindu nationalism (Sarkar
as we know that hatred and violence is spread all over world for

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