The Reluctant Fundamentalist Book Report

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“The Reluctant Fundamentalist” is written by Mohsin Hamid, and is about a Pakistani man, Changez, who dreams about working in America. Changez, the main character, invites an American man into a restaurant and begins telling him his story from 1997 up until around 2003. He tells him about how he went to Princeton University and got a good job in a valuation firm in New York, and how he met a woman named Erica on a holiday and fell in love with her. It has been his dream since he was a child to work for the US, and so he feels content with himself and his life. Although he is not American himself, no one spares him an extra look and he is accepted in the country for being who he is. Many people lost their lives when the Twin Towers in New York’s World Trade Center collapsed, after planes, that were taken over by terrorists, crashed into them. Changez, who had visited Manila, flew back to New York but was not as accepted by the Americans anymore. The Americans saw him as a potential terrorist because of his appearance and beard. It caused him to be angry, while Erica was getting back into her old habits where…show more content…
He got great grades, finished Princeton University, and got a great job that paid him well. He was glad and satisfied, and he had a girl that he fell in love with - he had the American dream; everything he had dreamed about since he was a child. However, Erica, who had seemed to feel better in the beginning, was getting more depressed and her mental health affected him as well. She missed her dead boyfriend too much and felt very depressed and lonely when he was not there with her. While Changez was away in Manila, terrorists killed tons of people by taking over a plane and crashing into the Twin Towers on purpose. Changez watched it on the TV and smiled, perhaps because he was satisfied to see America hurt just like how they would attack Pakistan. When he came back though, lots had

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