The Renaissance, And Racism In The Harlem Renaissance

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Racism is a prominent issue or a serious problem in the American society since the beginning and the Americans are still struggling to eradicate this problem from their land. American soil has witnessed civil rights movements concerning this issue in the past. However in 1920, a movement got initiated to promote black identity known as Harlem Renaissance. It was also a fine arts movement that led to an increase in black confidence, literacy rate, and black culture. Writers wrote about their roots and the current society. Most of the movement took place near Harlem and was led by the middle class educated blacks. Civil rights movement began in somewhere near the 1960’s. Both these movements involved the black community however through different approaches. Though not totally free from critics, Harlem Renaissance was the first time that a considerable number of mainstream publishers and critics took African American literature seriously, and it was the first time that African American literature and the arts attracted significant attention from the nation at large.
During the period of Harlem Renaissance, many black artists emerged and took forward the mission of promoting black identity and expressing the black or the Negro thoughts at time. At start, this movement was viewed or was seen as a literary movement which changed with time and became to be known as a national movement with links with international development in arts and culture. Harlem Renaissance is believed to
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