Renaissance Art

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Introduction The Renaissance was a period of modern times associated with the rediscovery of literature, philosophy and science of antiquity. When one traces the history of art, we see that there were several steps, several periods; and each period has had the highlights. As the Middle Age was marked by the cult of the gods, the revival was marked by the development of scientific knowledge. This relationship between the arts and scientific knowledge is explained by well precise facts through which we will try to pass. The Renaissance art in the sense that the works of this period are inspired most of the Middle Ages that by the Greco-Roman art. The Renaissance was a period that carries with it much of the discovery. The period of the modern area, where literature, philosophy, were discovered from the Italian Renaissance; the artists are inspired more by the Greco-Roman art that by the Middle Age.…show more content…
There have been many reforms, with the development of the printing press, the Bible is published in local languages, where everyone can access. During the Greco-Roman period artists watched closely the human body. Above all there was ban by the church to study the human body in the Middle Ages, there was a bit of interest in the human body, internal systems and human lives, the artists were focused most on the gods, the human body was seen by the Christian as a sin and a cause of temptation. For example, unknown artist "Adam and Eve" (Real Bibliotheca de San Lorenzo de El
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