The Birth Of Venus Patronage Analysis

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Throughout history, patronage of the arts has been an important tool in the development of our world today. Patrons are those who paid artists to make individuals works. Patronage has been used widely by the wealthy to support their prestige, political ambitions and social status. The patron’s identify is highly important because they determine the overall character of the commissioned work. Ultimately, the final appearance of the art is dictated by the patron and the personal style of the artist becomes less of a factor. Patronage was at its peak during the Renaissance, a period between the 14th and 17th centuries that sparked major developments and the revival of classical models. The greatest patrons of the Renaissance were the powerful…show more content…
The artist must use expensive materials to display the high economic status of the commissioner. The Birth of Venus uses fine details to emphasize the power and wealth of the Medici family. Traces of gold are found in Venus’ hair and in the trees to the right of the painting. Gold has remained a common symbol for wealth, wisdom and success, emphasizing the Medici’s dominant status in Florence. Botticelli also uses expensive alabaster powder to brighten the painting’s colors. The rich saturation of the pigments further demonstrates the quality and value of the…show more content…
The mosque was made in Edirne, Turkey, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1367 and 1742. The mosque is a centrally planned building, radiating from the center point. The main structure of the mosque consists of 18 small domes around a dominating central dome held up by an octagonal supporting system with eight monumental pillars. The interior plan features geometric patterns and mathematical proportions. The numerous windows penetrating through the walls and ceiling allow for light to stream in, making the large central dome appear weightless. Sinan, the greatest Ottoman architect, proclaimed the mosque was his

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