The Rebirth Of The Renaissance

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The rebirth of knowledge began in Italy in (c.1400-1550). This period was a huge step to creativity and especially, change. Around the 15th century in Florence the Renaissance, which was a massive cultural movement, spread across all of Europe. This meant that a break was taken from the medieval traditions and a new era began in Philosophy, art, politics, economy and literature. Along with Renaissance came the Enlightenment of new ideas. Scientist prospered and new, and exciting inventions were beginning to emerge. Not only the scientist prospered but also artist with the help of the church because, most of the art was mainly inspired by the Church The renaissance in Italy produced extraordinary achievements in many different forms of art, …show more content…

Most people had a subsistence standard of living. They produced their own food, clothing, tools etc. Economy was based on agriculture so people, lacked time for any extra activities and this prevented people from exploring what was around them. Farming and hunting also helped people survive but trading was very limited during this time. According to Georges Duby’s book “The Early Growth Of The European economy”, Most European population were peasant farmers and the only way they could own a farmland was by bartering. There was Regional trade going on and people traded things like Salt, minerals, wine, iron, lead etc. Long-range trade, being riskier and expensive, was mostly luxuries, spices incense, and silks. These trade routes were only for the upper class for people like the Monarch and kings. However when the renaissance began, economy rate increased, There was wider choices in consumer goods, more luxuries were available. All this happened because of philosophers who opened the eyes of people to the outside world. People had a new form entertainment due to poets like William Shakespeare who wrote plays and put shows up in theatre. Philosophers also travelled out and explored the world and on there return they bring new ideas sharing it with the society. Trading routes began to open a little and people began cultural borrowing. Overall, the Italian renaissance greatly influenced economy and …show more content…

During the medieval period the church was worried that the more education people received the more likely they were to question their beliefs, so the church encouraged the interruption of the culture. The church was also a form of entertainment. People didn’t have any form of entertainment, and they had zero social mobility. Due to poverty education was not available to all. Only 1% of the children went to school and this was because their parents were in the upper class. The rest 99% of children didn’t go to school due to the lack of financial needs, their parents were unable to afford the money needed. This created a lack of interest in education as time passed. The only educated were the rich and those who worked in the church. Toward the end of the Middle Ages, rulers began to realize without education, they would keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It was then that, the government began to focus on education for the lower classes so that the countries would be able to flourish and grow. A writer like Shakespeare was unable to go to school but he worked hard and with help of his dad became someone great. People’s eyes were now opened to what the real world was

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