The Renault-Nissan Alliance

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UNIV 1213: Leadership and Teamwork
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1. Introduction

The Renault- Nissan Alliance can be considered as one of the supreme examples of a successful relationship between two world automobile companies. This was in 1999 when Carlos Ghoson, CEO of Renault being asked to travel to Japan- Tokyo and be the leader of turnaround at Nissan. The two mobile companies agreed to build a powerful and strategic alliance where Renault would pay 5.4 billion dollars of Nissan debt and this deal had many advantages for both companies. The strength of Nissan Company in North America gave an important chance for Renault; however, Renault cash paid helped Nissan Company to reduce its mountain of debt.
We can say that the alliances between these two
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Cross Functional team

Cross functional teams can be defined as a group of people with different specialties who are responsible for carrying out the Nissan revival plan from the start to the end. They include CFT leader, CFT pilot, functions represented, team review focus, objectives based on review. The purpose of CFTs responsibility ranges from business development, purchasing, manufacturing and logistics to research and development and all of them address Nissans performance.
The Cross functional teams are organized professionally from ten members. They all ranked from middle managers with line responsibilities. These ten teams were too few to cover all the issuing facing it so a set of subteams were formed. They consist from CFT members and other teams were nominated by the CFT managers. Furthermore, each of these subteams was limited to ten members who focus on specific issues faced by teams. For example, the team who is responsible for manufacturing had four subteams, they reviewed productivity, capacity, costs, and also investment. The total will be 500 hundred workers in the CFTs and subteams.

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