Repercussions Of Human Cloning Essay

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The Repercussions of Human Cloning Science is rapidly progressing in the world today and it poses many dangers, one of which can be the artificial replication and enhancement of humans, as well as a crisis of identity for cloned humans, and many benefits, such as the research that can be conducted to improve health. In the world today the cloning of human individuals should not be permitted as they will be used to make the rich richer, increasing the inequality in the human world and promoting corrupt government and in addition being completely immoral, creating issues in social life. To begin with, the cloning process is in no way even remotely perfect as in many cases this process can produce abnormalities and on occasion even death. As…show more content…
A BBC article made in 2003 had several hundred people voicing their opinion against the idea of human cloning. More recently, is the same question on “Should human cloning be allowed?” 61% of the debaters on that website say no to it with reasons like “When you clone a human being, you take their heart, when you do that, you kill them.” And others who say “Not enough is known about this, who knows what the long-term effects there are with human cloning?” (Debate Org, BBC)) In a greater sense, most governments today are based on popular opinion and what the people want like America, and if enough people want the law to be changed the law will be changed, if the law does not change that is a result of corrupt government wanting potential money that could come off of the process of human…show more content…
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