The Repercussions Of Human Cloning

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The Repercussions of Human Cloning Science is rapidly progressing in the world today and it poses many dangers, one of which can be the artificial replication and enhancement of humans, as well as a crisis of identity for cloned humans, and many benefits, such as the research that can be conducted to improve health. In the world today the cloning of human individuals should not be permitted as they will be used to make the rich richer, increasing the inequality in the human world and promoting corrupt government and in addition being completely immoral, creating issues in social life. To begin with, the cloning process is in no way even remotely perfect as in many cases this process can produce abnormalities and on occasion even death. As seen in a study by the Roslin Institute “several lambs died late in pregnancy or soon after birth” (Roslin Institute). This is because that the current cloning method consists of injecting cloned DNA into the fetus which then develops. Allowing this type of process to develop and be used on humans with no change to the current process today is a horrifically immoral process designed by those who put greed above everything else. In some cases, such as the first reported case of a successful cloning in what is to be assumed South Korea, the cloned human baby immediately had his/her stem cells extracted for research, and if that isn’t immoral and an example of an unethical act, then nothing is. The purpose of the research was to see if
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