The Representation Of Feminism In Fielding's Bridget Jones

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Chick-Lit novels have been criticized for their portrayal of anti-feminism in the recent past. Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones, one of the most popular chick lit nov-els, does not seem to be a perfect example of a feminist novel, she does not even want to be linked to being a feminist. Her close friend Sharon, “Shazzer”, though, is a representation of a feminist. Feminists are often presented as very loud, angry and man-hating women in the media and literature and it will be discussed if and in which way Shazzer’s character fulfills this stereotype of a feminist cliché.
First, the terms feminism and post-feminism are going to be defined. Then, they will be applied to Bridget Jones’s Diary and the character Shazzer in particular. The analysis of Shazzer will focus on her feminist beliefs and her representation of typ-ical feminist stereotypes and how they might be considered to present a negative outlook on feminism.
Feminism and Postfeminism
There are many possible definitions of feminism and post-feminism when
The problem in coming up with a fitting definition of feminism is difficult as there is not only one type of feminism but many different kinds. It is also differently used depending on cultural background and / or class and differs depending on where and how you live. As I can only refer to my own environment and upbringing, the defi-nition that will be used in this term paper will most likely only cover feminism that is heavily influenced by Western

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