The Representation Of Ideology In The Movie American History X

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The term Ideology was put forward by the French philosopher Destutt de Tracy in 1801-15 (Bullock & Stallybrass, 1999). It can be defined as the collected beliefs or ideas held and shared by a group of people. It can also refer to the overall interconnected lattice of ideas, a thought process or a view of the world. The term itself encompasses a number of point of views, whether it be political or epistemological ideology. They differ in their target of influence, whether it is the manner in which the country is run or by the ideas that govern the society and the underlying philosophies and what makes people take the decisions that they do. Ideology inherently differs from strategies and individual stand on issues as it is vital that ideology must include a whole assortment of thoughts. Political ideology comprises of the ideas that mould the formation of a government and the economic system. When we look at it from the sociological point of view, it governs the way society works (Kinloch, 1981). The various principles, standards, guidelines and ideas of class preside over our society, and collectively forms a foundation for the social order in the politico-cultural paradigm. In this essay, we shall have a look at the movie American History X, evaluate its representation of race relations and scrutinize its portrayal of ideology. The movie American History X was released in the year 1998 and deals with the race relations and the ideology of hate that brews under the surface

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