The Republican Party Analysis

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The Office of the President of the United States of America is one of the most powerful and coveted positions in the world. The job is sought by persons wishing to make an impact on the direction of this country; the decisions they make are shaped by their political and personal backgrounds, political allegiances and individual beliefs. Based off of these criteria, these candidates generally fall into two political parties. The more conservative of these categories is the Republican Party. The Republican Party, or GOP as it is also called, has a large field of Presidential hopefuls vying for the Party’s nomination in the upcoming 2016 elections. Two of the more distinctively different candidates are, Businessman, Donald John Trump and, Former…show more content…
The Trump name has been synonymous with success for decades. The term trump, derived from the word triumph, can mean “to excel; to surpass; outdo” ( The definition is fitting for the way Donald Trump presents his brand. Through his appearances in entertainment television, high profile business deals, and public quarrels with other celebrities, Trump has managed to stay in the public spotlight for a very long time. He would be the first to admit that any publicity is good publicity. Now, more than ever, Trump is using this philosophy to promote himself (Healy). The candidate has taken in little money so far; he raised less than $2 million to this point. He also has not spent much, around $1.5 million (Inside Gov). Conversely, his opponent spent over $3 million and raised, just shy of, $12 million. The Super Pac and other organizations have raise a combined total of more than $105 million to support Bush. Jeb Bush does enjoy some free advertisement in the way of name recognition. His Father and Brother are both former US Presidents. The younger Bush has a different approach to politics than his elder brother. A candidates political views should be one of the most important metrics when judging whether or not to vote for that…show more content…
Larry J. Sabato has analyzed the candidates and offers his opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Despite having a conservative gubernatorial resume, monumental sums of campaign funding, and the iconic GOP nominee persona, Jeb Bush’s challenges may insurmountable. Sabato believes that Bush’s name has worn out its welcome in US politics, Bush is too “establishment” and Bush is not a commanding speaker. Moreover, Bush is a supporter of Common Core which is not favored by the GOP. Trump, on the other hand, “Can command the stage, [he] has freedom to say anything” (Sabato). These traits are the very things that get Trump so much free publicity as suggested by The New York Times reporter, Patrick Healy. Couple the ample media exposure with Trumps personal fortune and electric personality, and one can never predict what might happen. There is still a long time before any voters have to make up their minds as to which hopeful will get a party nomination. It is all but guaranteed that one or two of the front runners will say something or do something that will cause them to lose favor with voters. If Trump can curry favor with the powers that be in the GOP, we may just see him in the 2016 General
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