The Republican Sniper Analysis

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A “Republican sniper” is lying on a rooftop surveying the area ( O’Flaherty par 1). He is fighting in an unknown places civil war versus the “ Republicans and the Free Staters” (O'Flaherty 1). He lit a cigarette which alerted the enemy to where he was. This initiated a gun fight between him and an unknown identity sniper. The Republican sniper was hit in his arm by a bullet. After some impromptu first aid he faked his death. When the other sniper thought he was dead he shot the other sniper. Moving in for closer inspection he found out the other sniper was his brother.
The text refers to the 1922-1923 Irish civil war. The Irish civil war was both in northern Ireland and the Free State of Ireland. though it was more in the Free state of Ireland.The text states the civil war it mentions was between the
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This action alerts the enemy and an informant which starts the whole shoot out. The end of that conflict is when the sniper shoots the other one with a pistol. The conflict could be interpreted as man vs society since the Republican sniper is facing a whole bunch opposite thinking people. But the story is mainly focused on the two snipers and not the snipers place in the whole battle. Therefore I chose it as man vs man. Him fixing his wound was a step to resolving the conflict because if you have an untreated wound it is harder to fight. The sniper shooting the turret person and the informant was a major step to resolving the conflict fore it eliminated the extra threat of them. The biggest step to resolving was when he faked his death allowing for the opening to shoot the opposite sniper with a pistol. Throughout the story the only know other characters are trying to kill him or hinder his progress in killing the other sniper . The other characters are the informant, the turret guy, the opposite sniper, the driver of the armored car, and whoever was shooting the machine gun at
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